🌛About Bura-Bura Kyoto🌜

There are plenty of foreigners who have fallen in love with Kyoto and have made it their home; there’s a good chance that they have started a blog on life here. Guess I’m one of them now.☺

I started this additional blog because my blog, Hitori Kyoto, was turning out to be more of a café blog and I wasn’t getting to the sights and environment of Kyoto itself as I had hoped…I named this blog after a wonderful Japanese adverb, “ぶらぶらbura-bura“, because that is the best way to take in Kyoto, by “exploring/rambling/roaming/wandering”. This blog is a way for me to share all the things that I love and have been dying to share about living so close to Kyoto, especially through pictures and in the way that only I can. Information may go back as far as July 2000 when I first came to Kyoto but more likely will span the last six years and in no particular order; I’ll update certain posts as I go back to the places about which I’ve written, so please feel free to go back and check for more (accurate) information on the ones that you like.

I will try to include definitions for every Japanese word or term that I use but sometimes I won’t define a word because I have a tendency to use it often. Also, certain Japanese terms are better off not interrupted by translation which takes away from the intended sentiment. For unfamiliar Japanese terms, please refer to the page, ✎Some useful Japanese vocabulary to know when reading “Bura-Bura Kyoto”✐.

I assume that those who will enjoy looking at my blog will be someone who is interested in Kyoto and the beauty that one finds there, whether it be in the usual sightseeing venues or in daily life. For those who currently reside in Kyoto or those who wish to live here or visit one day, I hope that my depiction of Kyoto may help you to love it just as much as I do! And if I can convince anyone to visit Kyoto and the places about which I write, and even to feel the same way, this blog would not be in vain!☺

I’ve also started a blog about Kameoka, Kameoka Jiman, because there are good things I want to share about the place that’s been my home since coming to Japan.

A little preview…

東滴壺Toutekiko, the smallest garden at 大徳寺Daitoku-ji Temple sub-temple 龍源院Ryogen-in (May 2006)

渡月橋Tougetsukyou during 嵐山花灯路Arashiyama Hanatoro (Dec 2008)

黒豆大福kuro-mame daifuku (sweet red bean paste-filled rice cake with black beans) and the famous 豆餅mame-mochi (bean rice cake) from 出町ふたばDemachi Futaba


Kyoto randomness” like looking up at 桜sakura (cherry blossoms) from under sakura (April 2011)


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