icingcookies TOBIRA

Inspired by iced cookies found during trips to Hawaii and New York, after conducting business through orders only, the owner of icingcookies TOBIRA opened shop in May 2015. Adding Japanese style to the Western-style cookies, the iced cookies found at this tiny shop along 四条通Shijo Street between 大宮Omiya and 西院Saiin are unique eye candy.

In mid-August 2015 while Maki and I were on our way to our respective train stations to go home after another fun day out together, we chanced upon the TOBIRA and just had to go in. White is mainly used for both the exterior and interior for a simple and stylish look, the exact reason that we were tempted to go in.

Inside, there is basically only the display case which is decorated in Japanese style and holds examples of the cookies usually available as well as cookies of seasonal themes. When we went, of course the seasonal theme was summer.

There weren’t any cookies except those which had been ordered available, so we went away empty-handed this time.

The next time that I was able to drop by was late August last year when I was in the area meeting Michiyo-san. She accompanied me to see if 松田珈琲店Matsuda Coffee was open (to my shock, that is when I discovered it was closed for good, at least in Kyoto😢) but she wasn’t interested in cookies and needed to do some grocery shopping for her café before it got too late, so we parted ways before I made it over to TOBIRA.

The staff was talking to a customer who seemed to be discussing an order or waiting for his order. The only cookies that were available was the “味くらべAji-Kurabe”, which means “comparing flavors”, ¥464, so that’s what I got, determined not to go home empty-handed this time.

In Japanese, or should I say Kyoto, fashion, the cookies were subtly sweet with the icing adding just the right amount more of sweetness. From what I could see and taste, the flavors of the cookies were plain, chocolate and green tea, all delicious with the perfect combination of a hard-and-soft-without-being-crumbly texture that I love😉; the hard shell of icing completed the overall amazing texture.

Definitely worth ordering cookies from here…I’m sure that I wouldn’t be the only one happy to receive them as a gift.☺

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