Malebranche 北山京都Kitayama Kyoto 加加阿cacao 365

Located in the heart of 祇園Gion, Malebranche 北山京都Kitayama Kyoto 加加阿cacao 365 is the chocolate shop under Malebranche 北山京都Kitayama Kyoto, a popular Kyoto chain. The shop’s concept is “365 days of cacao (said to be the food of the gods in Mayan culture)” Kyoto-style, through the changing of seasons and the five senses.

In mid-September 2014, Maki and I were on our way to page one for some かき氷kakigori (shaved ice) and we noticed the heavy flow of traffic at the machiya shop and decided to check out the shop. I hadn’t heard of Malebranche opening a chocolate shop, so I was curious about the goods.

a mat displayed on tatami that line the right side in an L shape near the entrance

the wall of chocolate designs for the days in September in gold

one of Malebranche’s most popular products, 茶の菓 お濃茶ラングドシャCha no Ka O-koicha Langue de Chat, displayed as part of a 盆栽bonsai plant

the view of the inside of the shop from the entrance with the counter of アイスキャンディー”ice candy” (popsicle), jelly, baked sweets, etc. where one orders and pays as well as a bench area for waiting customers.

Near the entrance are displays of the various exquisite and unique chocolates available. In the picture below are examples of the chocolate for each day in September.

Below are chocolate for each day of the week in a collection called “宙SORA”.

A little more expensive than the usual chocolate, the price is worth the presentation. We didn’t get anything this day but we agreed that we had to come back to indulge in at least one of the charming treats.

the ほろほろ佇古礼糖(お濃茶)Horohoro Chocolate in o-koicha (rich green tea), ¥700 without tax, that Maki gave me in late December 2015…not only was it beautiful (rich green color with the occasional sparkly square…so gorgeous that it pained me to eat it😅) but subtly sweet so that even those who aren’t fans of sweet chocolate can enjoy. The adorable rubber bands that hold the thin wooden plates between which the chocolate is sandwiched are shaped like five-story pagoda and the character,”京kyo”.☺

the 加加阿焼き どら小判Cacaoyaki Dorakoban from Maki in late July 2016…a layer of caramel and chocolate cream sandwiched by soft chocolate cake shaped like ancient Japanese currency, 小判koban, it’s one of the best chocolate cakes that I’ve had!☺

Besides the regular fare, there are seasonal products as well as products found only in Kyoto at this awesome chocolate shop…definitely worth checking out!✨

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