Happy Pie

After lunch at 西冨家コロッケ店NISHITOMIYA Croquette STORE on a lovely day in early April 2015, Iori-san and I walked, at my request to 東山Higashiyama where Iori-san’s recommendation for dessert was. We walked along the path from 八坂の塔Yasaka Tower toward 三年坂Sannen-zaka when we came across Happy Bicycle with a cute window display of bicycle wire art…can you believe that excluding the pedals, each bicycle is made from a single wire?! Working with the staff, one can create or customize decoration for personal purposes or one-of-a-kind gifts.

Right outside the entrance to the shop is their meat pie shop, Happy Pie, which also sells empanadas and drinks…there’s no eat-in space besides the stools in front.

It was too bad that we just had lunch and was on our way to have dessert (a day of scrumptious eats is my idea of a day well-spent😜) but after getting hooked on JERRY’S PIES, I couldn’t help being curious about Happy Pie’s meat pies. Although I wouldn’t get home until the evening, I gave in to getting a meat pie to go, risking my purse smelling like it.

I got my meat and mashed potato meat pie, ¥480, home somewhat intact.😅

the inside of my meat and mashed potato meat pie

I didn’t heat it up but it was tasty nonetheless; the savory meat and creamy mashed potato-filled, thin crispy-crust pie was gone before I knew it, making me wish that I’d bought one more or a different kind.

Did I mention that the staff at Happy Bicycle and Happy Pie are super friendly and welcoming? Yeah, another incentive to make it back there when in the area and craving a bit of a snack.☺

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