Not too far from JR 円町駅Enmachi Station along 西大路通Nishioji Street is chocolat, a tiny sweets shop…I’m not kidding when I say tiny because it looks like it would barely hold four customers at a time. In the typical Kyoto townscape of neutral colors, the shop stands out with a clean white exterior and with glass doors and a big window through which one can see a cute but subtly decorated area…the table for two that one sees may be used for enjoying the delectable sweets available at the shop with a drink, as long as one doesn’t mind that he is on display for anyone who passes by.

I first heard about this shop from Iori-san and when he suggested going there together in the evening of late April 2015 and since it had been on my list of cafes and shops to visit, I jumped at the chance. It took me a while to foot it there from 喫茶と焼き菓子 ダバダバdabadaba since we decided to meet there at last-minute, by the time I arrived, Iori-san seemed to have been there a while. Iori-san “warned” the reserved owner with whom he seems to be quite familiar that I would be taking pictures 😜 to which he obliged without hesitation.

the exterior


the front with a tiny kitchen space behind the counter


the full case and counter of sweets that were available


the view of the rest of the interior and dining space


Since I had dessert at 喫茶と焼き菓子 ダバダバdabadaba, I came with the intention of having the excellent chocolat chaud, Iori-san’s recommendation…out of the selection of chocolat chaud available, I got it in bitter, ¥450, while Iori-san got it in milk, ¥450. The owner gave us シュークリームchou à la crème on the house and since I’m not a fan of cream puffs and I was still full despite my long walk over, being the sweets fiend that he is, Iori-san demolished both in no time after I tore a piece to taste.


While indulging in the richness of our sweets and discussing the differences in relationships in Japan and the U.S. until nightfall, I was aware of us passers-by looking at us, some even smiling and pointing…anyone sitting in the window space would feel like a mannequin on display but without a doubt we were more a spectacle because Iori-san was dressed in a black military-style coat with a black gothic top hat, quite a unique sight to behold in Kyoto where most people’s style of dress is subdued.

Two months later, Mason and I were in the area when we passed by and I urged Mason to check it out, even suggesting we get chocolat chaud to go.

the counter covered with sweets for the day


my bitter chocolat chaud to go

Rich and the bitter not being too sweet, it’s a decadent drink that serves as dessert as well; needless to say, it was a great company for our walk to lunch たわらやTawaraya.

Looking forward to trying the lovely sweets sometimes, especially the gâteau au chocolat.☺

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