JERRY’S PIES has been providing authentic British pies in Japan since opening in January 2006; although the shop is located in the 嵐山Arashiyama area of Kyoto, one can indulge in these delectable treats by ordering online throughout the country as well. The owner, Gerry O’Donnell, who originally arrived in Japan as an English teacher retired and passed ownership to someone else in early 2012 but the pies are still as popular as ever.

To tell the truth, the first time that I heard of it was from Lars who went in search of the shop after a group of us went to Cafe Style Resort 嵯峨野湯SAGANOYU for lunch in mid-June 2012. I didn’t get to drop in for the first time until mid-October 2014 with Maki after we met at JR嵯峨嵐山駅Saga Arashiyama Station on our way to MOMI CAFE for lunch.

the exterior of the shop


trays of pies seen from outside


The compact shop is mostly the kitchen with a small front area where customers are tended to; for those who want to partake in the pies right away, there’s a dining space popping with colors close by.

the view on entering…


and the area to the left side


I decided to go with one お惣菜o-sohzai (savory) and one sweet pie each: 肉とオニオンniku (meat) & onion, ¥378, and アップルシナモンapple cinnamon, ¥324, to go of course.


Instructions on how to heat up the pies are included in the box but these pies would be good even cooled. Perfectly round with a thick and buttery crust and chunky fillings, don’t let the cute size fool you; I was quite full after both my pies. I wasn’t able to take a picture of the meat pie because I completely forgot in devouring it but I did manage to gain enough sanity in time to capture the generous chunks of apples inside the apple cinnamon one.☺


About five months I dropped by with Jennifer after an afternoon at Cafe Style Resort 嵯峨野湯SAGANOYU (they kind of seem to go together now😜) and snagged the 鶏肉とマッシュルームtori-niku (chicken) & マッシュルームmushroom pie below as well as the apple cinnamon pie (I just couldn’t resist getting it again) for the road.


Needless to say, the creamy chicken & mushroom pie didn’t disappoint either…these pies are going to be a habit when I drop in Arashiyama from now on.☺


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  1. Great review!

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