Antiques & Collectibles SQUIRREL/眠れる森 – sleeping forest –

Antiques & Collectibles SQUIRREL is a charming antique shop quite unlike others that one may find in Kyoto in that it exudes authentic European charm, full of rarities from England and France collected over the years. Owned by creator and designer mica TAKEO who is as lovely and charming as the one-of-a-kind antiques and trinkets in her shop, one would find it hard to believe that it exists in 西陣Nishijin, one of Kyoto’s most traditional districts, or maybe not.☺

the exterior…the building that houses SQUIRREL is a typical building but the sweet details hint that it may not be so inside.


The first floor of the building is the antique shop…I barely got through the shop from checking out each item carefully, chuckling nostalgically from time to time.


At the back is a kitchen area with a small counter where Mica-san may serve her guests special drinks and goodies that she may have on hand or partake in what her guests (many of whom are friends, like me☺) may bring as gifts. Depending on the night, SQUIRREL becomes Romantic&Beer 夜Yoru, a bar manned by one of Mica-san’s friends (for those interested, please check this site for details: ).


When Mica-san invited me to see her shop and atelier in mid-August, she served me cakes from BENCH&MUG nearby.💖


the view of the front of the shop from the back


one of the most charming restroom areas in Kyoto☺


眠れる森 – sleeping forest – is Mica-san’s atelier on the second floor where she designs accessories, decor, etc. and creates just about anything her heart desires; her creations are definitely as one-of-a-kind as the items in her shop. She put a lot of effort in creating “a dream-like world” that one may have seen before (think “Alice in Wonderland”), full of treasures that any girl would love, including homemade accessories and sweets by her artist friends as well as her own creations. As one examines each detail, one will realize the themes that Mica-san favors, such as the moon, butterflies, toadstool mushrooms, “Alice in Wonderland”, swans, rabbits, and the list goes on.

The stairs up to sleeping forest are a prelude to what is to come.☺


I couldn’t fit all the loveliness into one picture!


the area closest to the staircase when one alights on the second floor


the part of the room that enters a guest’s eyes first


“sleeping forest”? It was quite alive to me! This is my favorite view of the place.


Mica-san also likes the image of feet, especially Alice’s while falling through the rabbit hole; she put special effort into making this particularly adorable table.


along the wall on one side


Sorry so dark but I liked this lighting.😅


the corner that was too dark to see in the previous picture, right next to Mica-san’s worktable


SQUIRREL included, there was no way that I could see everything in one visit, especially when I was having such a good time chatting with Mica-san; I’d have to come back another day.

After visiting, I was even more envious of Mica-san being surrounded by such loveliness all day while creating when she’s inspired…very few people find work that they really love and I believe Mica-san is one of them.☺

Mica-san’s latest creations, yummy-looking bread plates, can be seen on her Facebook page below.☺


Address: 〒602-8374 京都市上京区一条通御前西入ル三丁目西町Kyoto-shi. Kamigyo-ku. Ichijo-dori. Onmae Nishi-iru. San-chome. Nishimachi 74-1

Telephone number: 075-467-2120 (please call only during shop hours)

Access: 市バス 北野白梅町バス停から徒歩5分minutes by foot from city bus stop “Kitano Hakubaicho”

Shop holiday: every day except Friday & Saturday…check Mica-san’s blog, , for irregular holidays.

Business hours: 12:00-5:00pm

Website: ,


眠れる森 – sleeping forest – Facebook page:

Instagram: @ri_bon

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