“Kyoto-integrated” is a term I want to use for establishments without true roots in Kyoto yet are noteworthy enough to visit when one lives in or visits Kyoto…I will list them here as I visit them.

Kyoto Villa Chocolat BEL AMER京都別邸

clockwise from top left: フレーズのパレショコラfraise palet chocolat, ¥260, andハニーローズのスティックショコラhoney-rose stick chocolat, ¥500, that I bought when I went with Mason in in mid-July 2016; the main part of the shop; the selection at the front window; the view of the front window selection and the stairs to the café before entering; the front garden; the exterior; and the array of palet chocolat at the front


With the sophisticated chocolate shop on the first floor and a chocolate bar on the second of a renovated machiya, Chocolat BEL AMER offers lovely chocolate not found in other locations around the country as well as a charming space to enjoy sweets and drinks. It’ll be hard to tear oneself away without indulging in at least a chocolate or two.

Pâtisserie Bison futé

clockwise from top left: the exterior; the small shop area; the inside of エリーElie, ¥500: 煎茶sen-cha, or green-tea, meringue topped with raspberry mousse and a bit of blueberries mixed in; the sophisticated wrapping for my cake; the drinks available to have with the cakes? and a bench for those who don’t want to stand; and エリーElie in the showcase


Opened in 2011 as a sister shop to シュマン・ダンフィニCHEMIN D’INFINIT, a sweets bar in 熊本県Kumamoto Prefecture, Pâtisserie Bison futé serves exquisite French-style cakes that one can have at the shop, or so I’ve heard…however, when I asked about having cakes at the shop, I was told that only take-away was available; I guess only friends and acquaintances of the staff are allowed. Anyway, besides this bit of confusion, the cake I chose was pretty good, so for those who don’t mind taking their sweets to go, Bison futé is worth checking out.

Sanjo Kyoto Nijiyuraにじゆら三条京都店

clockwise from top left: the right side of the shop upon enteringwith Kyoto-themed 手ぬぐいtenugui; the exterior of the machiya shop; my purchase, 手拭 京都マッチ物語Kyoto Match Story tenugui, ¥1600; the packaging for the tenugui; and the left side of the shop upon entering with the smiling staff on hand


にじゆらNijiyura is a 手ぬぐいtenugui brand based in Osaka with shops in Kyoto, Kobe and Tokyo as well that produces thin cotton multipurpose cloths with stylish pop themes that cater to current tastes. The Sanjo Kyoto shop (there’s also a shop in 東山Higashiyama as well) has a corner with Kyoto-themed tenugui among which I found one after my own heart (a matchbox story theme with illustrations of Kyoto-related things that only a Kyotoite would recognize☺) that I caved into buying after thinking for over a month. With helpful and friendly staff, it’s a shop that offers something different from the Kyoto-based shops.

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