fiveran is a bakery near the intersection of 三条通Sanjo Street and 室町通Muromachi Street that opened in mid-October last year. I heard about it from Maki when we met up for lunch last weekend and since we had an hour wait for 大極殿六角店 栖園Rokkaku Daigokuden Seien after lunch at NEUF CRÊPERIE, we decided to drop in so that I could check it out.

the chic exterior


Usually the counters are lined with various breads but we arrived to about a third of the normal selection.

the area closest to the front


the area toward the back


the area near the register


the narrow path that leads to the eat-in space with a generous view of the kitchen


the dining space


Even with a third of the selection, I had a hard time choosing. I finally went away with カカオ・ド・ショコラcacao de chocolat, ¥250,


スモークハムとチーズのじゃがいもフガスsmoked-ham & cheese no jagaimo (potato) fougasse, ¥300,


アールグレイとホワイトチョコEarl Grey & white chocolate, ¥250,


and ハニーローフ(ハーフ)half-size honey loaf, ¥172.


When toasted, all the breads were absolutely scrumptious. The cacao de chocolat was chock full of chocolate and would satisfy any chocolate and/or bread lover. The Earl Grey and white chocolate bread was Maki’s recommendation and it sure didn’t disappoint with its fragrance and sweetness. The fougasse wasn’t as hard as I’d hoped but it was chewy and the ingredients inside were delicious with the bread. The honey loaf was such a pleasure to eat, with a bit of sweetness and soft due to the yogurt used to make it. Guess you can say that I’m hooked…I can’t wait to go back and try the rest of the two-thirds that I didn’t get to try.☺

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