Radio Bagel

Founded in early July 2007, Radio Bagel is a small bagel shop in 北山Kitayama owned by a couple who started serving their wares at local craft markets starting in 2006; the name of the shop comes from the days when they listened to the radio while thinking up and testing ideas to create the perfect bagel, with hopes that their bagels become a part of one’s everyday routine like the radio.

My co-worker had brought back a クルミkurumi (walnut) bagel, ¥172, one back in February and I was impressed then at how chock full of walnuts it had been, not to mention the substantial size…no wonder it’s the most popular one (Japanese people love walnuts)!

In mid-March of this year, my co-worker suggested going there to grab a quick lunch after finishing work early. I’d been curious about the place since seeing it in a magazine, so I was all for the idea. We went by car and parked in a small parking lot next to the building in which the bakery was.

the entrance to the small shop


the display case and the area to the right on walking in


To the left of the shop is a small dining space with three small tables for two lining the wall for those who want to have a quick meal but everything is available for take-out. My co-worker and I ordered and sat in the middle seat. I asked if I could take pictures and they said it was okay as long as I didn’t get other customers in the shots. There were customers throughout the time we were there, so I couldn’t take too many pictures. I noticed the radio was on in the kitchen.☺

the tiled floor with bagel design


I had a ホットカフェオレhot café au lait, ¥330, and a 生ハム&リーフの豆乳ベーグルサンドnama-hamu to riifu no tohnyuu behguru sando (prosciutto ham & leaf sandwich on soy-milk bagel), ¥518.


The bagel was a generous size and delightfully chewy; it goes without saying that it was a perfect bagel sandwich. The café au lait was the typical kind one would get where they didn’t particularly specialize in coffee, more milky but good enough to satisfy a café au lait craving.☺

Well, the bagels were so good that I got one to go: fresh strawberry cream cheese cranberry bagel sandwich, ¥496


This was also excellent as well, a recommendation for any berry lover. Since then my co-worker brought me THREE bagels (walnut, ブルーベリーblueberry, ¥194, and いちじくfig, ¥172) in June! I need to get up there again soon.

Update: Three months later, my co-worker had dropped by Radio Bagel in the afternoon and presented me with THREE bagels: (from left) walnut, blueberry and fig.


I’ve actually had the walnut one before, a month before I actually made it there; I was surprised at how chockfull of walnuts it had been, not to mention the most wonderful chewy texture that left one feeling satisfied. The blueberry one was also filled with plenty of blueberries and the fig one filled with large pies of figs and topped with oats; both were just as chewy as the walnut one. I was beginning to see that Radio Bagel doesn’t skimp on their ingredients.☺

Update: Over half a year later, I went with my co-worker to Radio Bagel again to grab some breakfast to go…this time, I got ベーコンエッグ&チーズサンドbacon, egg & cheese sandwich with whole-wheat bagel, ¥540, with an iced café au lait.


Needless to say, it was perfectly toasted and absolutely yummy and paired with the café au lait, it was so filling.

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