NEW STANDARD CHOCOLATE kyoto is a shop that specializes in pure chocolate, carefully made chocolate without additives, that takes us back to a time when chocolate was known more for its medicinal value (to relieve a tired body and hurt heart) and as the food of gods than as the attainable sweet it is known to be today (although they offer that, too). At NEW STANDARD CHOCOLATE kyoto, this chocolate is called “久遠kuon chocolate”; “kuon” is an ancient Japanese word which means “遠い過去toh-i kakko (long ago)”, “遠い未来toh-i mirai (in the future)” and “ずっと続いていくzutto tsudzuite iku “continuing” all in one. The chef chocolatier is 野口和男Kazuo Noguchi who has created chocolate for many a high-class hotel, restaurant and brand as well as chocolate to be had casually.

Near the end of last year, I noticed , when walking through 堀川商店街Horikawa Shopping Arcade, north of 出水Demizu but since I was on my way elsewhere, I didn’t have the time to go in; after that I would usually pass by when it had closed. My chance to go came in mid-March this year when I made time to drop by before going to cafe de Corazón nearby.

the exterior with milk-chocolate color accents☺


A chocolat chaud server as well as packaged chocolate are on the shelves while baked sweets are on the counter by the window to the left upon walking in.


To the right is a display case of more chocolate goodies, including chocolate terrine. The interior is stylish enough to win the hearts of women but simple enough that men wouldn’t be timid about entering.


I wanted something that would last until I could get it home in the evening, so I got a bitter dark-chocolate biscotti and milk-chocolate biscotti, ¥280 each.


I’ve never really been eager to try biscotti anywhere because they’re hard but I figured a chocolate shop’s biscotti should be good, and I was right! Not only were they of a substantial size but they were absolutely delicious, crisp and coated with tasty chocolate. Although I’d have them both again, if I HAD to choose one, I think I’d take the bitter dark-chocolate one.

In mid-May, Mason and I were in the area for an art event, PARASOPHIA, so we dropped in so Mason could check the place out and I could grab a biscotti.

When Mason decided to try the オーガニックショコラショーorganic chocolat chaud, ¥200, I was tempted to do the same.


It was a lot lighter than I had hoped but definitely worth a try.

“High-bitter” chocolate biscotti, ¥280, was new, so I couldn’t resist getting it.


Definitely more bitter than the bitter dark-chocolate but I liked it as much as the others I’ve had. I definitely recommend it for those who want to enjoy chocolate without excess sweetness. I’m looking forward to whatever else they have to offer.☺

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