OHAYO biscuit

When I went to 逃現郷Togenkyo two weekends ago, I took Iori-san up on his offer to go check out a new pâtisserie that opened up along 油小路通Aburakoji Street south of 一条通Ichijo Street on the 10th of this month after he got off work…although this was the second time seeing Iori-san, I already know that he is a gourmand, especially when it comes to sweets and he knows a lot of nice places (and people!) in Kyoto. OHAYO biscuit is around the area that is his home turf but I believe he heard about the shop opening from a pâttisier who worked at or someone connected to the café, AU TEMPS PERDU. Along the way we met Chieko-san, a friend of his from when they participated in an event in Osaka last summer, who had called Iori-san about meeting up while I waited for him to get ready after work. We were the only customers upon arrival, so we were able to take pictures to our hearts’ content (we got permission, of course).

the simple yet chic black and white interior with handwritten and hand-drawn accents


the counter table…after the chaos of opening dies down, they hope to use this as an eat-in space.


the shelves of baked goodies on one side of the shop


more baked goodies at the front


the cute subtly decorated shelves above the front


The kitchen in the back is open so that one can see the process of the goodies being made (like お菓子工房Okashi-koubou sampo).

one of Iori-san’s purchase…he even brought this plate from home to take pictures of the cake (hard-core foodie!) and of course he had it right at the shop.☺


I was full from Togenkyo, so I could only afford to take home a チョコグラノーラchocolate granola bar, ¥300, which appealed to me the most.


It was a scrumptious chocolate-covered granola bar, not too sweet at all. It made me wish I’d gotten a bit more…next time since I’m in the area at least once a week for now.☺

Update: Less than two weeks later, Iori-san told me that キャロットケーキcarrot cake, ¥400, was available at OHAYO biscuit, so I made my way there in the afternoon, praying that there would still be some left when I arrived.

To my joy, there was ONE left; of course I took no time in getting it.

the view of the carrot cake after being bagged


It was a tasty carrot cake, topped with crumble and covered with a delightful cream cheese frosting…I only wished it was bigger. Definitely want to get it when I can make it there again.☺

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