I heard about dough, a bakery that boasts “bread, sandwiches, American sweets and more” according to their shop card, from Fumie-san who used to buy bread from dough when the bakery went by the name of BREAD ROOM on 二条通Nijo Street, east of 麩屋町通Fuyacho Street…懐かしいnatsukashii, I remember buying bread from BREAD ROOM once about eight, nine years ago but never had a chance to go back, so I was interested in stopping by sometime. Fumie-san started going to dough after it opened in mid-January this year on Fuyacho Street, south of 丸田町通Marutamachi Street, and when I had dinner with her one of those times, she presented their レモンポピーシードケーキlemon poppy-seed cake to me (pictured below with the apple pound cake for Hasegawa-san)


Moist and firm, it had a wonderful sweet lemon flavor with the poppy seeds creating an irresistible texture…now I was even more determined to go.

After lunch at & noma CAFE in 東山Higashiyama, I thought I’d hit cafe de Corazón to end the day and since dough was en route, I dropped in.

I just loved the energizing colors and how the exterior of the bakery reminded me of treasure box.☺ Fumie-san mentioned that owner seemed very content with the change of environment, seen in his work and manner.


the racks of bread and refrigerated items available


the owner ringing me up while I took pictures (I asked for permission first)


I found many items that I would like to try but ended up just getting かぼちゃシナモンロールkabocha shinamon rohru (pumpkin cinnamon roll), ¥210, lemon poppy-seed cake, ¥230, and pizza funghi, ¥210, to have for dinner that night.


I ended up giving the lemon poppy-seed cake to Master when I went to cafe de Corazón; since I’d already had it before, I knew it was probably delicious. The cinnamon roll was pretty good although not as sweet as the American kind (the way I like it) and did taste of pumpkin. The pizza was the highlight of my buys because the crust was hard with a crispy yet chewy texture; the mushroom topping on top was flavored nicely…next time I hope to try more pizza.

Update: Over half a year later, I was having dinner at culotte when Fumie-san dropped in for a bite to eat as well. She gave Natsuki-san and me Lavash crackers from dough where she had dropped in after work.


Topped with many spices, one in a row at a time, I could enjoy a different taste for each piece…although I had it alone, this would be great with soup or stew, too.

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