Sanjo panscape 三条店

In late September this year I accompanied Mason on her errands around the 二条Nijo area. Since the bakery Sanjo panscape 三条店 was on our route, I dropped in to check out their baked goods. I first bought some bread here in early 2013 but it was a gift, so I didn’t try what I bought but it looked good. I was familiar with panscape because Cafe Phalam‘s コーヒーあんぱんkoh-hii anpan (coffee-flavored red-bean-paste bread) is a collaboration between the café and panscape and it’s pretty good with bread made of 全粒粉zenryuurfun, or whole wheat flour. The label for each bread includes the percentage of whole wheat flour used; for example, “complet 20” means “made with 20% wheat flour”.

the front of the petite shop


sandwiches and some of the bread displayed in the front window


The beautiful blue color of the shutter wall makes the bread look more appealing.


the bread furthest in


I ended up buying 本日のピザ:ベジタブルピザhonjitsu no piza: bejitaburu piza (daily pizza: vegetable pizza), ¥324, ミルクフランスmiruku Furansu (“milk France”, or French bread filled with milk-flavored cream), ¥161, and アップルパイapple pie, ¥343. The pizza and “milk France” are “complet 20” while the apple pie is “complet 100”.


The pizza was topped generously with vegetables and had a soft wholesome crust; I’d like to try other toppings when I can.


Most of the “milk France” I’ve had recently have been in harder bread but this bread was softer…the milk-flavored cream was pretty good, not sickeningly sweet at all.


I was most satisfied with the apple pie which had a crisp pie crust, not greasy at all, better complemented the yummy apple topping; I regretted not buying more. I checked out opinions online about the apple pie and it seems to be quite the popular item at panscape. I’m definitely getting it again, hope it won’t be sold out when I drop by, though.


I’m glad it’s a bit easier to get whole wheat bread now than when I first came to Japan; now they need to bring in more delicatessen turkey meat.☺

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