TOCOHA BAKERY is one of the many bakeries in the 北山Kitayama area, located a little in from 北山通Kitayama Street where the 北山バプティスト教会Kitayama Baptist Church is and not too far from an entrance to the 地下鉄烏丸線北山駅Subway Karasuma Line Kitayama Station. Classmates from vocational school who opened the bakery in March 2005, the owners, or at least one of them, are said to have worked at bonne volonté.

Although I’d seen or passed TOCOHA BAKERY when in Kitayama since about seven or eight years ago (it’s also in my November 2006 Hanako WEST), it wasn’t until over a week ago in late June that I made a last-minute decision to drop by after having lunch at カフェ バーバチカкафе бабочка cafe babočka before going into work. I’d always thought the exterior was cute, a white building with teal (a little lighter than that of bonne volonté) and wood accents at the bottom of a brick-red building with a terrace; looking as if it belonged in a (warm and sunny) European country, I would have thought it was a zakka shop if “bakery” wasn’t in the name.


Since there isn’t much room inside (I would estimate comfortable standing room for about five people), the decor was simple yet tasteful in a cute way…this is the area near the door.


like a simple country kitchen☺


Luckily I came at a time when there was much to choose from in the small display case of bread which reminded me a bit of the one at bonne volonté; even the bread looked similar to what can be found there (a good thing).


I finally decided on the タイ風おやきTai-fuu oyaki (Thai-style baked bun), ¥190, and チョコフランスchoko Furansu (chocolate French bread), ¥170.


I didn’t have them until later at night but they were still good. The oyaki was chewy and filled with a thick filling of mild green curry; it was a delicious blend of Japanese and Thai. The chocolate-filled French bread was crusty on the outside and chewy on the inside meeting my expectations. I’ll have to make it a point to drop in again the next time I’m in the area.

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