Flip up!

In early November last year, I came upon Flip up!, a bakery opened in 2003 especially known for their bagels as well as other bread and sandwiches, while walking along 押小路通りOshikoji Street east of 室町通Muromachi Street after having lunch at huku cafe; it was the same day that I went to NAKAMURA GENERAL STORE for the first time. However, I didn’t go in because I was full from lunch and I had already bought baked goodies at NAKMURA. Before finally coming upon it that day, I had first heard about Flip up! from an acquaintance earlier in the year; then I heard about it from one of Flip up!’s part-time workers who also works part-time at Sentido.

The next day, when Mason and I was in the area (after a late afternoon at Sentido), I suggested checking out NAKAMURA and Flip up! to which Mason agreed. We stopped by Flip up! first; of course with it being the evening, there wasn’t much left and they were getting ready to close (Flip up! closes even earlier sometimes once all the bread are gone).


The チョコティーナchocotina, ¥100, looked hopeful, so I bought that.


I did not regret my decision at all…the “chocotina” was chewy and fragrant and chock-full with chocolate chunks (they did not skimp on chocolate at all)! Another addiction to add to the list.☺

I don’t know how I let three months pass by before going back but this time (on a cold and rainy day this year) I went earlier and there was plenty of bread to choose from…there were a few customers but that’s enough to make for a crowded shop considering how small it is inside.

the view of the selection from outside


I wish I could have bought practically everything…it was a hard decision but I finally settled on ハムとチーズのパニーニhamu to chiizu paniini (ham & cheese panini), ¥120,  “chocotina” again and ホワイトバター”white butter”, ¥100.


If you like the combination of ham and cheese and panini, there’s no doubt you’ll like the panini. The chocotina was as delicious as before but this time I was the most impressed with the “white butter” which was a crusty and chewy baguette filled with subtly sweet and rich cream…the “white butter” is definitely on my list of must-buy for Flip up! next time.☺

Update: Over seven months later, I dropped by Flip up! to see what they had before heading to huku cafe for lunch. There were a couple of customers when I arrived but plenty of bread to accomodate us all. I kind of rushed through each item, though, and decided on my usual chocotina, the ham & cheese panini (which I had forgotten about getting the last time I went) and サワークリームと白ネギとベーコンのピッツァsawah-kuriimu to shiro-negi to behkon no pittsa (sour-cream & white spring-onion & bacon pizza), ¥180.


The “chocotina” and panini were good as expected and the pizza was better than my expectations. All the ingredients went well together and the bread was crisp and chewy; I almost wish that the serving had been bigger.

I realized after going through this post again that I forgot to look for the “white butter” bread…next time.☺

Update: Over four months later in the early evening, I dropped by Flip up! on Maki’s request. I thought that there wouldn’t be much bread left considering the time of day but to my surprise there were plenty of choices, especially for bagels. As soon as we entered the shop, it seemed like many more followed in suit which means it was pretty crowded inside.


I couldn’t help getting パリッと!皮にプリッと!ウィンナーparitto! kawa ni purrito! winnah (“plump” sausage in a crispy shell), ¥180, チェリーとホワイトチョコボイズンベリー仕込みのベーグルcherii to howaito choko boizunberii-shikomi no behguru (cherry & white-chocolate bagel with boysenberry, ¥200, and スーパーチョコティーナ”super chocotina“, ¥150.


It probably would have tasted much better if I had eaten them the day I purchased them but I ended up having them two days later for lunch without heating them in a microwave or a toaster. The sausage bread was good cold, however, and the chocotina was as chock full of chocolate as the normal one except there was some kind of berry mixed in which made it “super”. The bagel had lost a lot of its chewiness but still fully tasted of cherry, white chocolate and boysenberry…hope to go back for more bagels to enjoy them in their chewy glory next time.

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