Chef Kinzo Nishihara, who has even worked in a three-star restaurant in Lyon, France, opened PÂTISSERIE AU GRENIER D’OR in 2001 in Kyoto; since then, it has become a very well-known pâtisserie. His son, Hirokatsu Nishihara, is in charge of SALON DE THÉ AU GRENIER D’OR diagonally across the street on 堺町Sakaimachi, north of 錦市場Nishiki Market, where one can enjoy the sophisticated desserts that the AU GRENIER D’OR has to offer.

I went to the pâtisserie for the first time in mid-May 2012 after checking out Café 富月Fugetsu and before going to the salon for another café experience.

elegantly rustic little corridor up to the entrance, and from there yet another corridor until the shop space…it made me feel like I was going into a treasure trove☺


goodies to be taken home close to the entrance


elegant and charming interior


more goodies and people waiting to take their orders home


When I got there, it was pretty much evening and most of the cakes had been sold. But I still found something that I want to try.☺

the narrow corridor to the entrance

?????????tarte des fruits rouges, ¥760


Layered thickly on top with berries and with a rich and moist crust, I was very pleased with the tart; since it was a pretty big piece, it filled me up quite nicely, an ideal way to end the day.

Unfortunately I haven’t been back to the pâtisserie but I’ve gone to the salon a few times; please check there for more delightful cakes.

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