On 押小路通Oshikoji Street in between 衣棚通Koromonotana Street and 室町通Muromachi Street is NAKAMURA GENERAL STORE, a bakery that sells American-style baked goods. Although I had seen it in a magazine at kátte at the beginning of October this year, I came upon it after lunch at 喫茶 la madrague マドラグ on my way to work about two weeks ago. The exterior really looks like an American general store; it’s hard to believe that it used to be a machiya!


The interior also fits the image of an American general store.


The owner learned baking in the States, mainly Hawaii, so of course all his wares, from cookies to muffins, looked authentic…if only I had the stomach for them all! Since it appeared that his scones are the most popular, I got two of the ブルーベリー・クリームチーズ・スコーンblueberry & cream-cheese scone,¥230


With fresh blueberries, cream cheese and a moist texture, the scones were absolutely delicious and bursting with flavor. I need no convincing to go back, hopefully soon! ☺

Update: A little less than a month later, I had a very satisfying lunch at huku cafe and swung by NAKAMURA GENERAL STORE to get more American-style goodies. The owner remembered me and this time we chatted in English about American baked goods while he rang me up; his English was very good since he had lived in the States, namely Hawaii, for a long time.

I ended up just getting コーンブレッドcornbread, ¥200, and キャロットとマカダミアナッツのマフィンcarrot & macadamia-nuts muffin, ¥200. Actually I got two cornbread so I could give one to my co-worker who has never had cornbread before.


The muffin lived up to my expectation; NAKAMURA sure knows how to make moist and flavorful muffins! Although softer than the harder, more grainy texture that I like for cornbread, the taste of NAKAMURA’s cornbread was authentic except that every once in a while I’d experience a faint taste of banana(?); maybe it was my imagination? Besides homemade cornbread by my American friends, this is the first time that I’ve had cornbread in Japan and found a shop or eatery that sells it…glad that I’ve finally found a place to satisfy my cornbread craving here.☺

Update: The next day, since we were in the area (some studying time for Mason/coffee time for me at Sentido, I took Mason to NAKAMURA’s GENERAL STORE, right before it closed at 6:00 pm…I introduced Mason to Jun-san and we all chatted a bit while we looked around and made our purchases.

Most of the goods were gone but I managed to find something to take home:

キャラメルアップルマフィンcaramel apple muffin, ¥200, and バターミルクビスケットbuttermilk biscuit, ¥150


My opinion on NAKAMURA’s muffins are still the same (see above) and although the biscuit was on the dry side and had more the texture of a scone, the taste was quite like that of the buttermilk biscuits that I’m used to having in the States…still a satisfied customer, will be going back to try more!

Update: Almost a month after the last time that I went, I went to NAKAMURA GENERAL STORE after lunch at huku cafe..there were brownies this time, so I bought two so that I could share with my co-worker.

バナナとくるみブラウニーbanana to kurumi buraunii (banana & walnut brownie), ¥250


It wasn’t as chewy as I’d hoped it to be but it was still somewhat chewy, and moist and chocolatey; this is the closest to a real brownie that I’ve gotten in any shop in Kyoto. For banana-lovers, you can definitely taste the chunks of banana inside.

Jun-san says he usually uses pecans but had run out that day…I’ll have to try the pecan version sometime!☺

Update: Almost ten months after my last visit, I dropped by NAKAMURA GENERAL STORE after lunch at huku cafe before heading into work. The オレオ・マフィンOreo muffin, ¥220, and ラズベリー・クリームチーズ・スコーンraspberry & cream-cheese scone, ¥250, caught my eye but I didn’t notice the 紅玉アップルパイKohgyoku (Jonathan) apple pie, ¥450, by the register until I went up to pay; after hearing what Jun-san had to say about it, I just had to buy it.

the tray where the money transaction takes place (very Japanese)…an indication of the reasonable prices?☺


my goodies


The Oreo muffin reminded me of a muffin AND a cupcake, not too sweet at all (just the way I like sweets). The raspberry & cream-cheese was as delectable as the blueberry version; I regretted getting only one. The Jonathan-apple filling was less sweet and more tart than the normal sweet filling of apple pie but it was still delicious. I may be going back sooner than I have lately.☺


Address: 京都市中京区押小路通室町西入ル蛸薬師町Kyoto-shi. Nakagyo-ku. Oshikoji-dori. Muromachi Nishi-hairu Takoyakushi-cho 293-1

Telephone number: 090-3652-0454

Access: 地下鉄 烏丸御池駅より徒歩5分minutes by foot from subway Subway Karasuma Line or Tozai Line Karasuma Oike Station…国際マンガミュージアムの北にある通りを、西へ入ってすぐenter west from the street north of the International Manga Museum

Business hours: 11:00am-6:00pm

Shop holiday: Wednesday



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