Opened in February 2006, Wälder is a European-style bakery on 麩屋町Fuyacho south of 六角Rokkaku that has about 70 kinds of bread, from sandwiches to sweets, for sale every day. With an exterior of a beautiful blue accented by gold, it would catch anyone’s eye to reel him in. I hear that it is popular among the locals and tourists, Japanese and non-Japanese, alike.

When I chanced upon it in late April 2006, it was teeming with people; who would have known it had opened just that past winter?


After that I went several times to buy bread but I didn’t think to take pictures…probably because I was too busy deciding the few that I could actually consume out of the awesome array of bread, and when it actually came time to have them, I was too excited to have them to think about capturing them in a picture for future reference. ☺

In mid-October last year, I was able to take some pictures when I stopped by to buy a bit of lunch.




two cute smiles to greet me when I come and see me off when I leave ☺


my buys: ひよこ豆のグリーンカレーパン hiyoko-mame no guriin kareh pan (chick pea green curry bread), ¥160,


and 3種類のチーズとイカスミのパンsan-shurui no chiizu to ika-sumi no pan (three-cheese squid-ink bread), ¥200


The green curry was milder but still just as delicious as I expected; the soft white bread sprinkled with a bit of coconut went well with the filling. I loved how the three-cheese bread allowed you to have the three cheeses separately; it was fun to see what kind of cheese was hiding in each piece of bread, plus the black of the bread made the cheese look even more irresistible.

When I met Maki for tea after work in mid-April this year, we dropped in Wälder before going to murmurik…it had been a while since I walked that way, so I was surprised to see the shop had gone under renovation (apparently it was closed for all of February before reopening in March).

more subdued now in a light gray, like the Kyoto-style atmosphere around it


the front


rows and rows of bread


The decor before was more rustic; in my opinion, now with these cute lampshades, it appeals more to the female customer.


the register


In mid-June I got レモンとホワイトチョコタルトremon to howaito choko taruto (lemon & white chocolate tart), ¥126, and あんずと紅茶タルトanzu to koucha taruto (apricot & tea tart), ¥126, before heading into work…I dropped some off to Maki during her lunch break, too. ☺


With a texture like that of a financier, they were flavorful and perfect for dessert or tea…I thought I would just have one and save the other for later that night but I ended up having them both…don’t be surprised that I went back again for some more soon after that. ☺

I need to stop trying to go on Thursdays (its their holiday) or after they close at 7:00pm.

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